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5 'Adult' Uses for Wet Wipes You Never Think Of

1. Airplane bathrooms
Bathroom on the airplanes are cleaned regularly but the high volume of people they must cater to during a flight leaves them very dirty in a short amount of time. 
Due to the sinks being a smaller size, most people can't even wash their hands properly after using the bathroom. That's why you should always wipe your hands with anti-bacterial wet wipes after you're done!  


2. Shopping carts
You probably wouldn't have noticed it, but a shopping cart is a good example where lots of germs accumulate. Make sure you do a quick wipe down with a disinfecting wipe before using them! Especially if you have a baby sitting on the cart, it is best to wipe the handles to prevent cross-contamination. 


3. Remote Control
An item that is always hidden in plain sight, the remote control can be a silent killer as well. When was the last time you have disinfect it? You might get away with those at home but always remember to wipe down the remote control in your hotel as research has found it is the germiest item in a hotel room!


4. Hotel Doors 
Speaking of hotels, the first thing you should do instead of a superstitious knock on the door greeting is whipping out that anti-bacterial wet wipes for the door handle! Research says it is infested with germs as it is often not cleaned during a routine cleaning. 


5. Pet
Remember to always carry a pack of wet wipes (preferably anti-bacterial ones) when you walk your dog. You can wipe them clean after they do their business and also wipe their feet before you enter the house to make sure no germs get transfers inside the house. 

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