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CADEAU Deeply Moisturizing Hydrogel Mask Box (5PCS)

  • World’s First Fuse Hydrogel Mask. CADEAU Skin Clinic Hydrogel Mask Series. Korean Essence Extraction Technology (Patented)

    Unleash the POWER hydrogel mask
    Natural Essence Extracts- Mask encapsulates an advanced natural extracts formula that will be released into the skin once applied.
    Lock-in Serum - Gel- like textured mask helps lock the serum into the skin, preventing evaporation of the serum.
    Efficient Delivery - The mask allows the serum to be close to skin epidermis hence efficient delivery.

    Solve DRY SKIN problems while reducing large pores and fine lines!
    Lasting deep skin hydration.
    WILD ORCHID EXTRACT - Restores and helps maintain a bright, radiant complexion.
    Powered by extracts from 3 species of wild orchid flower, green tea, and sodium hyaluronate that moisturizes and boosts skin hydration.
    All ingredients in the mask solves dry skin problems.
    1. Restore skin vitality, maintain a bright and radiant complexion.
    2. Relieves dry skin and corrects fine lines.
    3. Wild Orchid Extract (3 Types of Orchid Formula)
    4. Calanthe, Kanran, and Moth Orchid Extracts - Hydrate skin and moisture locking with orchid mucilages
    5. Anthocyanin pigments - Anti-oxidant and skin soothing properties
    1. Go over your daily cleansing routine to get rid of oil and dirt.
    2. Unfold the mask and place it over your face, aligning the holes with your eyes, nose and mouth.
    3. Leave it on for 20 - 30 minutes.
    4. Pat down the remainder essence on face for better absorption.
    5. Feel a velvety smooth finish on skin. Skin looks brighter and radiant.

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