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The OOZOO Power Capsule Mask Lightening : 1 PC [25 OCT 2019]

Power capsule Mask provides an urgent skin care with a simple touch on a single capsule blister pill which is mixed with an enriched activator to deliver active ingredients swiftly and potently to the skin.

It is a first-aid skin care mask swiftly and potently delivers powerful hydration and radiant glow with a single capsule blister pill when you feel your skin needs a boost.

An extra boost of hydration and glow power in a single capsule blister pill
A first-aid skin care for dry and dull looking skin/ A boost charge of hydration and glow
It creates a hydrated glowing synergy for dull and dry skin by building up a hydrating moisture barrier and helping achieve clear and healthy skin.

Use: Hydration/ Brightening

Main Features:

  • Achieve an instant hydrated and glowing skin care experience for their dry and dull looking skin due to a lack of moisture.
  • Intensive skin treatment results from a single sheet mask.
  • Improve dry skin conditions from the inside out and seek to solve the fundamental cause of dryness.
Lightening Capsule Activator [Wrinkle Improvement]
  • Blue capsule: Olive oil and Grape-seed oil give moisturizing and glowing effects by covering up the dry skin with a hydrating moisture barrier.
  • Clear capsule: The green tea seed oil, rich in Vitamins, and Black current seed oil make your skin stay healthy and clear.
  • Boosting ampoule: It helps keep the capsule stable and be in pure state, while cell active-white supplies clear nutrients.

    Recovery Mask [Wrinkle Improvement]

    • Vital Energy mask contains Amino acid complex and Grain fruit complex with enriched nutrition.
    • + It creates a synergy of an extremely strong vital energy when the mask is mixed with the recovery capsule activator.
    • *Skin cell sheet
    • Skin cell sheet with a moist skin-like texture, soaked in enriched moisture and nutrition, adheres tightly to the skin to make you feel that it is like a second skin, delivering the active ingredients deeper into the skin.

      How to Use:

      1. Press powerfully and burst the capsule on the front side of the sheet mask.
      2. Before opening to retrieve the mask, please make sure that the activator from the capsule blister is thoroughly absorbed and evenly spread throughout the mask sheet by lightly massing the pouch. 
      3. Apply the thoroughly saturated mask on your face except eye and lip areas, leave on for about 15~20 mins before removing. After removing, gently pat your face until the remaining ampoule essence is completely absorbed.

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