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THE OOZOO OOZOO Bear Aurora Illuminating Mask : 1 PC [EXPIRY: SEP '19]

  • The OOZOO Bear, a skin fixer, came to the Earth from outer space to give you a clear solution for your skin problems! The innovative character solution series 2, Aurora Bear.

    The dull skin fixer “Aurora Bear” gives you a healthy-looking radiant skin.

    Aurora sheet mask rejuvenates the dull skin and adds moisture and fresh glow to the skin.

    Use: Brighten skin tone/ Wrinkle treatment
    • Fold and burst the OOZOO Bear’s ear that contains key active ingredients, which activate the core skin function, right before use to be mixed with the sheet mask, thereby bringing fundamental care and rapid effect to your skin (compartment 1: key active ingredients, compartment2: base ingredients).
    • Offer fun and curiosity to the dull facial mask market with through a unique but familiar OOZOO Bear character and a separate ampoule that is folded for bursting.
    • Curb active oxygen in the skin to make your skin hydrated and supple; the plant-based moisturizer traps moisture to the skin and realizes milky white skin.
    • [Aurora Bear sheet] Soft water-fit sheet : A 100% natural cellulose fiber, made out of wood pulp, maximizes the absorption of active ingredients and moist, giving the skin a dewy and luminous glow.
    • Fold the fold-lines 1 and 2 in order, concentrate the ampoule in the OOZOO Bear’s ear in the direction of the arrow.
    • Press the concentrated ampoule with the thumb in the direction of the arrow.
    • Before opening to retrieve the mask, please make sure that the ampoule has been thoroughly absorbed and evenly dispersed throughout the mask sheet by lightly massing the pouch.
    • Apply the thoroughly saturated mask on your face, leave on for about 15~20 mins before removing. After removing, gently pat your face until the remaining ampoule essence is completely absorbed.

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