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Happy Home Bundle (Aufairy Alcohol Wipes 50's + Aufairy Antibacterial! Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel 500ml)

Are you going in and out of the house? And you’re constantly sanitizing your hands and items? It can be irritating if you run out of wipes or sanitizer. 

But now you can keep yourself and your family safe by wiping or sanitizing your hands for much longer.

The fragrance-free Au Fairy Alcohol Wipes wipes and the Au Fairy Antibacterial! Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel protects the skin in just 1 step.

☑ Instantly kill 99.9% of germs

☑ Rinse-free, safe & easy to use

☑ Family friendly price

Set your mind and your wallet at ease and get your Happy Home germ killer bundle (Au Fairy Alcohol Wipes 50's & Hand Sanitizer Gel 500ml) NOW!