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Neutrovis Medical Face Mask 3ply ( Sky Blue, Sweet Pink, Prussian Blue, Baby Yellow, Sunset Orange)

Now with more colours to choose from!

Made from high-quality melt blown filter fabric with BFE ≥98% (Bacteria Filtration Efficiency) and PFE ≥96% (Particle Filtration Efficiency) both used to protect you from bacteria, smog, pollen and water droplets! Now with headloops for convenience and comfort especially with long-wear, it is customised for a comfortable fit and optimised protection. Now in eye-catching colours such as Sweet Pink, Prussian Blue, Sunset Orange, Baby Yellow and Lavender!



  • High-quality melt blown filter fabric (BFE ≥98% and PFE ≥96%)
  • Convenient headloops eliminates pressure
  • Maximum breathability
  • Designed for Asian facial structure
  • Stunning colours to choose from: Sunset Orange, Baby Yellow and Lavender

How to use Neutrovis Medical Face Mask

  1. Cover your mouth, nose and chin with the coloured side facing outwards.
  2. Pinch the metal edge of the mask so it follows the contour of your nose bridge.
  3. Remove a used mask by holding only the ear loops.