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THE OOZOO Face In-Shot Mask Intensive White

Superfine fiber mask sheet embedded with beta glucan is combined with an “Effective Whitening Solution” ampoule containing pearl extracts that effectively improves skin tone, dark spots, and skin brightness.

Original and Innovative Skin Care Technique Developed by The Oozoo that Uses a Syringe Ampoule to Inject Immediately before Use to Deliver Fresh, Efficient, and Convenient Targeted Skin Care Solution.

The injection ampoule injected right before using provides the active essential ingredients at it’s most natural unaltered state, delivering the maximized benefits to the skin

Use: Whitening / Skin Tone Correction

Main Features:

  • Targeted brightening care solution helps achieve a brighter and translucent skin tone
  • Formulated without the 6 most harmful chemicals and parabens

How to Use:

  • Press down the button located on the top of the injection syringe so the seal at the top compartment of the syringe releases to mix into the ingredients inside the syringe. Please make sure the ingredients are shaken and mixed well.
  • Insert the thoroughly mixed ampoule into the cap located in the middle of the mask pouch and press down the piston completely to ensure all the ampoule has been completed injected into the mask.
  • Before opening to retrieve the mask, please make sure that the ampoule has been thoroughly absorbed and evenly dispersed throughout the mask sheet by lightly massing the pouch.
  • Apply the thoroughly saturated mask on your face, leave on for about 15~20 mins before removing. After removing, gently pat your face until the remaining ampoule essence is completely absorbed.

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