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Tsaio Aloe Moisturizing Mask [ EXP DATE:11-10-2021]

  • Adding with aloe vera, calendula, hamamelis and various natural plant extracts, this mask helps restore the moisture level on skin while balancing oil and aqua level on skin at the same time. Using this mask in the long run will help repair and restore the delicate nature and elasticity on skin.

    Use: Moisturizing/ Hydration
    • Getting rid of annoying seasonal change effect on skin.
    • Contains all natural moisturizing formula with aloe vera essense and vitamin C that can effectively balance oil and aqua level on skin.
    • Making skin tender with silky smooth touch.
    • After cleaning face, take out the mask and place evenly flat on face matching the holes on both eyes and nostril using fingertips.
    • Wait for 15-20 minutes before taking off the mask from face. Use fingers to gently pat on the remaining essense on face until it's fully absorbed by skin. Use one mask 2-3 times per week is recommended; can use the product on a daily basis.

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