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[CLEARANCE] Mediheal W.H.P White Hydrating Charcoal Mask (Fei Limited Edition) [NOV '18 & JAN '19]

  • Featuring Fei limited edition W.H.P White Hydrating mask is the new project developed by specialist’s knowhow from esthetic. This black sheet mask whitens skin by evening out skin tone with its powerful brightening ingredients like Niacinamide and Arbutin. It's also enriched with fruit extracts and Charcoal Powder that draw out impurities, eliminate excess oil, and hydrate, unmasking your healthiest skin yet.

    With the synergy of ‘White Hydrating Power Solution’ and ‘Niacinamide’, this special Rx. provides excellent whitening effect. Containing Niacinamide, Arbutin, Acai berry extract. It helps to skin tone up, Ceramide aquaseal (Xylitylglucoside , anhydroxylitol, xylitol) makes your skin whitening by W.H.P White Hydrating.It also has far infarated function black mask(charcoal) mask sheet which is your satiny skin .

    Use: Whitening / Moisturizing

    • Whitening, Moisturizing and Brightening Skin Tone
    • Black sheet made from charcoal
    • Emitting far-infrared radiation on skin increases skin elasticity
    • After cleansing, even out the skin PH with a toner. Take the mask out of the packaging, unfold and place the sheet on the face.
    • Rest comfortably for 15-20 minutes and remove the mask.
    • Gently pat the remainder essence to help your skin absorb.