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Save money on skincare products using your social media presence today!

Why Should You Join Our Influencer Team

Get sponsored! You wouldn’t have to spend money on face masks any longer. You’ll be getting them for FREE! 

Be the first to try the latest masks from South Korea! You’ll have access to pre-launch products, imported directly from South Korea, at no cost to you. ​

Receive rewards! You’ll not only get FREE products to try, you might also be eligible for some extra ka-ching depending on your profile and performance.  ​

Be featured in TV commercials and advertisements! This is your opportunity to get more screen time in the media, which will ultimately help you grow your influence further!

Are You Eligible?

Unfortunately, not everyone can be a part of our influencer team. You will have to meet these two criterias: 

 1. You must have 5,000 followers or more. 

 2. Your social media accounts must be public.


Use your influence to start living the dream today!