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Au Fairy Anti-bacterial Sanitizing Alcohol Wipes - 10s

Wet wipes are no longer for babies anymore. The Au Fairy Antibacterial Wet wipes come in both alcohol & non-alcohol series that:

☑Instant kill 99.9% germs
☑Using 100% Cotton & Pure Water
☑Rinse Free, Safe & Easy to use
☑Convenient sizes, easy to carry

When you get off the train, or the bus or you shake somebody’s hands and you don’t know their hygiene, wipe your hands.

High-efficient Fragrance-free sanitizer wipes that protect the skin, in just 1 step, gives you healthy skin and hygiene surrounding at any time.

Ingredients are made to gives full protection for skin and from all the bad germs.

75% or more alcohol - The Story
Alcohol-based sanitizers with either ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol work best. The high level of alcohol kills germs quickly and the solution is 99.9% effective in killing the contagious microbes. Recommended by the CDC and certified by KKM, 75% alcohol acts as a denaturing agent that kills and inactivates viruses. The more alcohol concentration in the sanitizer, the better.

Food Grade Alcohol? Can it protect us?
it’s so effective at killing bacteria and microbes and one of the more popular cleaners used for production line equipment because it is effective, easy to recover, and safe to use for children and pregnant women.

These wet wipes have been made by cutting down on any excess components as much as possible, so that liquid drops are less likely to form. SO you can easily use it to:

☑Cleans hands and feet
☑Face wipe
☑kids toys
☑Home surrounding
☑Public places/usage
☑electronic items
☑Pet interaction

It is time for the NEW NORM. Keep your surface clean and safe. Wipe away all the germs and viruses with a single wipe from Au Fairy! A convenient protector for you & your family!