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Tsaio Tea Tree Mask [EXP DATE: 13-12-2020]

  • Containing natural plant essence from tea tree, eucalyptus and spiraea, the mask provides gentle, soothing effect on skin. The refreshing and aromatic characteristics from tea tree provide excellent dual effects of purifying and moisturizing on skin.

    Use: For skin soothing and purifying
    • Mild nature of tea tree essence makes this mask suitable for all skin types.
    • Delicate facial mask texture allows the essence to be fully absorbed by skin kerations easily to give sleek and smooth skin.
    • After cleaning face, take out the mask and place evenly flat on face matching the holes on both eyes and nostril using fingertips.
    • Wait for 15-20 minutes before taking off the mask from face. Use fingers to gently pat on the remaining essence on face until it's fully absorbed by skin. Use one mask 1-2 times per week is recommended; can use the product on a daily basis.

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