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Au Fairy Antibacterial! Rejuvenate+ Liquid Hand Wash 470ml

A healthy life begins with hand hygiene.

A non-alcohol, antibacterial liquid hand wash that kills 99.9% of bacteria. Using gentle and mild formula with pH balanced.  Suitable for daily use leaving your hands protect, clean and fresh.

5 Best Features

1. Kills 99.9% Bacteria

effective inhibiting daily bacterial growth, kills 99.9% germs & keeps your love ones protected.

2. Using Gentle Formula For Best Skin Health

Formulation with Ph balanced, does not dry & suitable for all skin types

3. Rich Foam, Perfectly Clean

Smooth and rich foams that able to remove dirt deeply & easily

4. Hygienic pump design

Easy & convenient to use. Pressing with 1 hand can control the amount of liquid to avoid waste.

5. Easy to rinse, refreshing and fragrant

Easy to rinse easily, refreshing feeling and non-sticky after washing hands with a pleasant smell


Handwashing - Clean Hands Save Lives

Pump out the liquid hand wash on your palm

  1. Rub your palms together
  2. Rub the back of your hands together on both hands
  3. Rub both your hands while interlocking your fingers.
  4. Rub the tips of your fingers on both bands
  5. Rub both of your thumbs
  6. Rub the ends of your wrists.
  7. And rinse!