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[CLEARANCE] Mediheal Airguard Foilab Mask Waterful (Silver) : 1 PC [EXPIRY: JUL '18]

  • 3 Barrier Mask Sheet - TPU FILM creates a barrier, therefore moist and nutrition are not able to evaporate, which can happen in with other sheet masks. It helps to keep the mask in its place without slipping down and mild heat coming out from the mask itself will help your pores to be open and absorbs better.

    70% Bifida Ferment Filtrate - Bifida Ferment Filtrate is a type of gram-positive bacteria found in the digestive system. It has known effect on skin with intense hydration. As the main ingredients from the brown, bifda is a ferment filtrate obtained through in-depth procesing by culturing bifidobacteria twice, disinfecting and then filtering, which is rich in proteins, lactose, lactic acids, vitamins and minerals to make stressed or friable skin during the day lively and smooth.

    Use: Brightening/ Smoother Skin

    • Go through your regular cleansing routine, the mask comes in two pieces you can apply bottom half first and then the top.
    • Wait about 10-20 minutes before taking it off.
    • Remove mask and gently massage remainder essence into the skin. It is not necessary to wash the skin after use.

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