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Mediheal Meience Mask Box- Nattogum

MEIENCE = MEI (美) + SCIENCE : Healthy Mask of Time-honored Ingredients. Mediheal Meience Mask is a thin lightweight gel sheet mask that is formulated to deliver intense care in just under 10 mins!

🍯Projelly: cooling gel care for skin soothing and moisturizing dry and rough skin!

🖤Black Bean: Brightening care for dewy appearance and skin tone improvement of dull, darken skin

🤩Nattogum: Collagen gum care for tightening and firming of enlarged pores

🍥Tofu Milk:protein milk care for healthy energy and revitalization of tired skin!

Mediheal Meience Nattogum Mask

‘Lifting Power’ : Collagen-gum-care for tightening and firming of enlarged pores

Description : Pore-lifting Complex ingredients tighten pores and lift saggy skin, offering soft, firm texture with healthy and revitalized appearance.

Sheet: Tencell Cupra sheet Well-known skin-friendly sheets, Tencel and Cupra, are mixed for excellent fit-on-skin. The whole-type pattern on sheet effectively retains dense essence and delivers to skin.

Texture : Dense, sticky gum type