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Au Fairy Nature Series Mask

Au Fairy is the only high quality and affordable skincare brand formulated for young females in tropical countries. They strive to provide the best quality with the best value for their customers, offering products that are designed to resonate with millennials in this social media era while providing the best skincare magical moments.

With products specially designed for the humid tropical weather, they are dedicated at providing their customers an amazing summer skincare experience that would not break the bank. No matter your age, anyone can have beautiful skin with Au Fairy.

The pride of Au Fairy is their 100% purity Ecocert and USDA Certified organic farmed aloe vera. Their aloe vera gel is organically farmed without the use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and genetic modification. In the purity test, only the highly concentrated and purest aloe vera gel is able to completely eliminate the colour of iodine. In this test, the Au Fairy aloe vera gel passed with flying colours.

Au Fairy also has a Nature Series Sheet Masks to moisturize your skin. These charcoal sheet masks are easy to use and are a must-have item to incorporate into your beauty routine. Just apply them onto your face and hang out while the masks work their magic. Each type of mask have added benefits like brightening, whitening, deep moisturizing, and nourishing the skin. Additionally, Au Fairy’s Bye-Bye series; Bye-Bye Panda Eyes! Anti-Wrinkle Brightening Eye Mask and Bye-Bye Blackheads! Charcoal Nose Pore Strip are a hit with their customers too.